This workshop will demonstrate our outdoor photography style, highlight our equipment, camera settings, and what it takes to capture the perfect shot.  AJ will be hands on—setting up shots and explaining the settings he would use to capture an awesome photo. We hope to end leaving you inspired, along with the tools to create your own adventure photography for many trips to come.

Please note that the workshop requires registration to secure a seat. 



afternoon / evening

Arrive to Camp

Set up Camp
Eat, Drink & Hang!
Hit the sack early to wake up for the class in the AM!!



Workshop Starts at 6:30AM

Breakfast / Introductions
Discuss the Gear I use and go over Basics
Discuss trail and how to capture a great story
Short Q + A (Ask me anything!)

Hit the Trail by 10:00AM

Stop + Shoot along the way
Hands-On Instruction in different lighting Environments


Finish the trail, head back to camp for Q+A
Review some images and go over Post Production Process
Discuss Download Process, programs used and minor workflow
More Q +A…
Pack up and head home!!

Itinerary Details Subject to Change