Are you just as excited as we are?! Take a look at the FAQ’s below.
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+ Do I need basic photography experience to attend?

This workshop is for all level of photographers. I feel that if you’re attending this workshop, you’re wanting to learn and further your skill set in photography and/or your photography business.

+ Do I need a 4WD vehicle?

Absolutely. We will be going over and through terrain that requires a 4WD off road high clearance vehicle. We suggest that you have at least a 2” lift and some good A/T tires, although it’s not required. We will not be responsible for damage occurred to your vehicle.

+ What is the location of this workshop?

We will be giving location information to registered attendees only. But, this one will be in Southern California and will be near Big Bear Lake area.

+ Is the purchase price per vehicle or per person?

The purchase price is per vehicle and up to two people. Bring your best friend or a loved one to come along! It’s an easy way to split the cost ;)

+ Will food and beverages will be provided?

We will be providing water and snacks throughout the 1-day workshop. We recommend bringing the amount of food you would bring, as if you were going on a overnight camping trip.

+ What should I pack to stay warm/cool?

The weather should be pretty awesome, high 70’s low 80’s during the day, and low 40’s to high 50’s at night.esert. Once you register, we encourage to look at the weather for that week and decide what you need. Everyone runs at different temps!

+ What gear is required to attend?

We recommend bringing a vehicle and gear that you are familiar with and can setup throughout the entire workshop.

Below is a quick list of required items:

  • 4WD high clearance vehicle
  • Drivers license
  • Tent - it can be a rooftop or a ground tent, whatever works for you!
  • DSLR/Mirrorless Camera and at least one lens
  • Camera Batteries
  • SD or CF cards for your camera.
  • A Tripod

+ Do I need a fancy camera to join?

Nothing fancy, but a DSLR/Mirrorless camera with at least one lens is suggested. I would not come to this workshop with just your phone ;)

+ What lenses do you suggest I bring?

I think you should bring whatever you have. If you’re wanting to rent some lenses to keep your gear similar to what I shoot, I've made a list below:

  • Nikon 70-200 f2.8
  • Nikon 24-70 f2.8
  • Nikon 85 f1.4
  • Sigma 50 f1.4
  • Sigma 35 f1.4

You should be able to find these lenses on all camera platforms and we suggest renting from Borrowlenses.com

+ What is the age limit for The Workshop?

Any age is welcome, but please be respectful of the crowd you will be with. We don’t suggest bringing a child that could be a distraction to the group.

+ How skilled of a driver do I need to be?

The trail that will be going on is a beginner to intermediate trail. We will be hands on with trail guidance and can help you get through the obstacles if needed.

+ What types of terrain will we be on?

We will be on dirt the entire day. There is a couple spots where there are boulders we will have to navigate around. We did this trail in a completely stock 2018 4Runner 4X4.